3 Toddler-Approved Favorites at Daisy Dunes

The Choose Happy Hat
"I love staring at the colorful, embroidered flowers on the front - and the "choose happy" on the back is my life mantra so far. Too big on me, but it fits Auntie A perfectly."

Love Grows Jumbo Beach Tote
"Thank goodness we have this for all my boat things! There's my diapers, my Goldfish, my sippy cup, my life jacket, and a towel for after I swim. This bag fits it ALL, and I love how many flowers there are to look at!"

Rainbow Maker Clings
"Whenever I'm in the backseat on a car ride and feeling a little tired, I look at this on the window and it puts me right to sleep."

Toddler hugging an aunt Daisy Dunes

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Too cute! I love it.

Jessica Jessica Diaz

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