Around here we’re a little vibrant - because so are you - and life is too short for boring.

Chasing trends was never my style - and I knew back in 2018 you were somewhere feeling the same way!

Close to 5 years ago this Michigan-based, woman-owned, eclectic boho boutique was born: for the vivacious ones looking for colors and prints that matched their personality.

From your cozy homestead, to your road trip vessel, to your temporary vacation home...

...we have just the thing to help you decorate and dress as you embrace your sense of adventure and zest for life.

So let's go from boring to bright. Basic to exuberant. And dreary to lively.

Welcome to the curation for YOU - you, who knows deep down that life is about stressing less, smiling often and making an adventure out of every day.

At Daisy Dunes, you’re free to plug into happiness that finally feels like “you”.

To your adventure,
xo Alexis

owner of Daisy Dunes in sunflower field