5 Writing Prompts


When you wake up in the morning, ponder on your blessings. Who are you grateful for? What are you grateful for? Think the small things - your morning coffee, your cozy sweatshirt....your breath. Make a list of 10 items.

High & Low

This one's perfect for a nighttime reflection. What was the highlight of your day, and did you share that moment with anyone? What could have gone better, and did you learn anything from it?


What can you thank God for - and what are you petitioning Him for? Did you have a recent breakthrough? Do you know someone going through a hardship? 


This can be long or short term! What are you hoping to accomplish today, this month, or this year? Don't hurt yourself looking too far into the distance 😉

A Joyous Moment

Think back to a memory you wouldn't mind reliving. What about it brought you happiness - and how can you initiate another similar experience?

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