These Will Save You 🤯

Daisy Dunes just launched a collection that will save you.

How do I know?

Because it saved me.

One week prior to the video below I hiked in Sedona, AZ with a part in my hair (because pictures in the rocks with pigtails is so I right?!)

It was all fun and games...until that night when I felt like I had bruises all over my head and realized... scalp had gotten FRIED 🔥

(Probably TMI, but I was still peeling weeks later.)

Woman standing near mountains wearing indigo blue mandala baseball hat that reads Free Spirit
Fast forward to when this 👆🏼was filmed in Arches National Park (highhhllyy recommend!)...

Even though I was outside for basically 3 days straight in the desert of Moab, Utah, everything was a-okay👌🏼 with this on my head.

Okay, I didn't wear the same one the whole time - but point is...I wore a happy hat a majority of my time there. And it made a world of difference.

Our scalps 🤯 are probably the #1 thing we forget to protect from the sun…

We remember the sunglasses for the eyes, the sunblock for the entire body (or SPF clothing if that's your thing)...but if you're like me I completely forget about the delicate skin on my head!

Did you know it's extremely vulnerable to sunburns and forms of melanoma?! Big ouch.

The ✨ Happy Hat Collection ✨ gives you one less worry while you're out adventuring in the sun...

...not to mention gives your selfies an ADORABLE touch!

Two women wearing Colorful and Happy Baseball Caps while Hiking in the Mountains

There's a color for every skin tone (and hair color, even if you're a redhead 😉) - plus 5 different inspirational messages:

🧡 Keep Growing
🧡 Protect Your Peace
🧡 Free Spirit
🧡 Soul Full of Sunshine
🧡 Choose Happy

Find your new favorite travel essential (and scalp protection) here!

Comment below and let us know where you're going on your next adventure - and which Happy Hat would you bring with you?!

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Gorgeous girls! Love the caps!! So many different colors and logo!!💜🤗

Barb koop

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