What's your GO TO when it rains?

It happened to me just this morning.Β 

It was hair wash day (especially because we have a wedding to attend tomorrow night, and hair always looks better on day 2...am I right or just crazy? 😜)

Unplugged the hair dryer and curling iron, grabbed the purse, and stepped outside only to find...

RAIN β›ˆπŸ˜­

To be quite honest, this has felt like the rainiest summer in Michigan EVER...so I should've expected it.Β 

And although I love myself a rainy day once in a while that warrants snuggles and movies, some of us have places to be...like the chiropractor.

girl with curly hair sitting in car in the rain

So I grabbed a favorite Happy Hat (don't ask me which one is THE favorite, because they're all my favorite πŸ˜†) and ran out of the house.

And it got me thinking...what's your go to when it's raining and your freshly washed hair has to last until the next day?

An umbrella is the no-brainer, but I carry way too much to worry about keeping that above my head.Β 

A rain jacket? Sure...but bangs tend to stick out the front and then I'm wearing an annoying, dripping wet piece of clothing.

THIS right hereΒ is my go to...

...and up until today, I thought it was only for BAD hair days πŸ˜‰

Leave your go to in the comments!

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